The Treaty of Berlin

TOP SECRET - Eyes Only

It's May of 1989, in a 1989 slightly different from the 1989 we experienced. Relations between the United States and the Soviet Union have improved since the end of the Reagan Presidency. Once negotiations began, they quickly spread to a number of areas and topics, including the Berlin Wall. On Sunday, the 14th of May of 1989, officials of the United States, the Soviet Union, East and West Germany will meet to sign a treaty based on the negotiations. This treaty, while not changing much of import, is an important first step toward a safer and saner situation in Europe. The Cold War is still very much the status quo; perhaps this will ease the tensions.

All of the participants have been invited to a small formal party at the Embassy to celebrate the new treaty which will be signed the following day. In addition to the ambassadors of the countries signing the treaty, several other celebrities will be there. It promises to be an interesting evening!

The Treaty of Berlin is a Live-Action Role-Playing Murder Mystery game for twenty players, running for eight hours.