Culture Crash

Culture Crash

You are a non-humanoid, non-gendered alien, part of a group, about to make unexpected First Contact with another alien species. Your mindset and goals will be heavily influenced by your distinctive culture, yet you also have your own motivations as a character. How will you respond to the discovery of other intelligent beings, with their own very different cultural attitudes? Will this affect your relationships to others of your own kind? This First Contact hasn't happened how you might have wished. How will you respond to the potential dangers of two unique cultures crashing into each other?

There are no currently scheduled runs.

About Culture Crash

Culture Crash is a 12 player LARP, running 4 hours, playable in virtual space or real space.

CONTENT WARNING: Please read the page on Content Concerns before you fill out the questionnaire for this LARP.

The Tech Requirements page lists the minimum amount of technology you'll need to play in virtual runs of Culture Crash. (This technology is not needed in physical, in-person runs.)

Culture Crash is a Peaky UK 2021 collaborative effort by Jennifer Diewald, Roger Gammans, Heidi Kaye, Richard Perry, and Julie Winnard.