The Idol Hands of Death

A Live Action Role Playing Murder Mystery

The pyramids at dusk

Cairo, Egypt, the summer of 1921...

Colonel Gillette Thompson is holding a social get-together to meet some of the new Europeans in the region. The get-together is at Colonel Thompson's home, within walking distance of the dig site of the Enfield Expedition. Despite the deaths on site in the week since the burial chamber was unearthed, Doctor Enfield insists there is no such thing as a curse. Doctor Enfield promises to reveal the startling new artifact he's discovered.

Has Professor Enfield found the tomb of a long-forgotten Pharoah? Is this expedition about to rewrite history? Or, is this expedition about to suffer the consequences of disturbing the sacred grounds of those who walked the lands long ago?

The Idol Hands of Death is a Live Action Role Playing Murder Mystery game for twenty five players, running for twelve hours.

© 1991-2014, by Jeff Diewald, all rights reserved.