Quest for Knowledge

Quest for Knowledge

Eighty years ago, about the time that the first aeroplanes were lifting into the skies of Halcyon, astronomers noticed a new, odd bluish star in the night sky. It wasn't a nova or supernova, because it didn't wane. It teased the academics, because it did not fit any of the models that described all the other known stars. Newspapers speculated about the New Star, and fiction writers used it for all sorts of clever ideas. It could not be explained. Fifty years ago, the New Star vanished.

Tiny Curious Avianoid Skydrifter reached the slowly tumbling New Star asteroid ten years ago, racing past it snapping pictures as quickly as its simple cameras could manage. By the time Curious Avianoid Skydrifter had gotten out of range, it was clear that the New Star was an asteroid starship. The light from the New Star must have been its huge engines slowing the ship, ending its journey quietly in the Halcyon System.

The competitive major powers of Halcyon, and their allies, pushed every technological boundary in order to send a small ship, the Quest for Knowledge, on a dangerous trip to reach the New Star. They found the New Star is clearly damaged and (mostly) quiet.

This is the story of what those brave astronauts find in the New Star.

Quest for Knowledge is a three hour LARP for seven players, playable in virtual space or real space, designed and written by Aslanta Chen, Jennifer Diewald, and Jon Marcus. This is a character-driven, low-mechanic, little-to-no-combat LARP. All of the characters are written in gender neutral terms, so they are playable by everyone, with the choice of character gender, if any, entirely up to the player.

CONTENT WARNING: Please read the page on Content Concerns before you fill out the questionnaire for this LARP.

The Tech Requirements page lists the minimum amount of technology you'll need to play in virtual runs of Quest for Knowledge.

Scheduled Runs

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