Adrift on the Starry Sky


A military coup has taken control of The United Earth Concord, the government for the Earth and the few thousands on outposts and stations elsewhere in the Solar System. Those of you onboard the Alexandria are declared enemies of the planet, some more by accident and circumstance than design. Less than fully prepared, with a limited company and tight resources, you must flee on a barely faster-than-light life raft across space, to find a suitable planet to create a new Earth.

Adrift on the Starry Sky is a serious scene game with science fiction themes for seven players, lasting four hours. This is a LARP that explores what it means to be human, the limits of endurance, and the human will. As a result of generation ship-style technology, characters will change as they progress through several scenes. Some characters will die during the voyage; those players will be given new characters born along the way.

All characters are written to be gender neutral. As such, it is very possible that you will find yourself in a committed role as part of a same-sex couple. If this is a concern, please contact us BEFORE signing up.

CONTENT WARNING: This LARP deals with difficult choices, loss and rebirth, mental illness, physical limits, pregnancy, racism, societal failure, strong family themes, termination of pregnancy, and violent death of a parent.

Adrift on the Starry Sky was designed and written in just over 24 hours, at the 2016 New England LARP Conference (NELCO), by Jennifer Diewald, Tim Lasko, Theresa Sullivan, and Gaylord Tang.