The Barbecue

A LARP by Jeff Diewald, Marsha Gershon, Jaelen Hartwin, Sarah Judd, Joshua Kronengold, and Gaylord Tang

It's a quiet, sunny summer day in the suburbs. The monthly neighborhood barbecue (and pie contest) will be hosted by the Kessenich family this Sunday. The Rossi and Lee family will be in attendance as usual, along with the Kessenich's new tenant Brittany.

This is a freeform-style, character-driven drama, lightly plotted with no magic or supernatural elements. Only GM-sanctioned mayhem is allowed - any needed mechanics are resolved by GM decision. (None are expected.) The game contains mature themes, and is intended for players over 18.

This is a LARP for ten players.

The setting is contemporary and realistic. Content may include abandonment, abortion, adultery, aging, crime, divorce, drug use, poverty, separation, serious illness, unexpected pregnancy, internalized homophobia and internalized sexism. Pie may be represented by actual pie.

The Barbecue is available for download from the NEIL LARP Library! You can read and run this LARP!

This LARP ran virtually during 2020, very successfully. You do not need to be in the same physical space to play The Barbecue.