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Enterprise Update

The Trader Lords

We see the Gek as a monolithic culture, but there are references to the Trader Lords out there. In the Enterprise update, we get to meet them, powerful Gek Lords competing for territory and advantage. We also get to meet some of the more disreputable members of the Gek Community.

Black Market Space Stations

There are stations rumored to exist, like the Red Pirate's Legacy or the Anything For The Right Amount of Credits Outpost. These are disreputable places, where you have to buy your way in, with credits, nanites, quicksilver, or more. Once inside, you can go to the vendors who specialize in Black Market X Technology. It's rumored that there are special ships that can be found at these stations, ships designed and built around X Tech, that can't use most "normal" legal tech.

Check out the Mission Agent for scouting jobs, hit and run jobs, and possibly the capture of known fugitives. Some of those fugitives are just criminals who've crossed the local Trader Lord. You really don't want to cross the local boss, or you could find yourself on those lists.

Building Space Stations

There are always empty systems in the Deep Dark, places where you could position a new station. Once there, you can grow the economy up through the tiers, from Tier 1 all the way to Tier 3. This is going to take Frigates to run local missions for the Station Agent.

Stations aren't cheap, and need materials in bulk. Fill up your Freighter with supplies, because this is going to be a massive undertaking. Be prepared to craft everything in the Tech Tree, because all of those components are needed, in bulk, for constructing a station. Given that you can only have 4.2 billion credits at any time, you're going to need friends or multiple payments to reach the $100 billion or more needed on top of all the raw components. No one ever said this was going to be cheap!

Given that the nearby Trader Lords might not appreciate your new venture, you're going to need to protect the station. Whether that's loaning out your Combat Frigates to the Station Agent, or staying in local space to prevent pirate raids, you may find yourself busy.

Of course, you'll also want to trace the pirates back to their lairs and do a little spying, or even sabotage of your own...

You can also lease your Frigates out to the station for the longer term. That will take them out of your roster. While the Frigates are working for the station, you'll collect a dividend from the missions they run. You'll be able to fill your Frigate roster back up to the maximum. Alternatively, you can live with the dividends for a while and then bring them back into your fleet.

Repairing or Salvaging Abandoned Stations

Stations are complex, with multiple internal levels and all sorts of important control systems. At the center is a huge set of fusion power cores. When damage is done, and the station is abandoned, all of these systems deteriorate.

All of this can be repaired... if the station is empty. Abandoned stations have robot repair systems that malfunction, attacking anyone who might look like a system needing repair. If you're quick, you can stop them by applying the proper fixes ‐ semiconductors, cryopumps, quantum processors, and more. If not, then it can become an ugly fight. They look like unusual life forms ‐ bonestars, light fissures, roller balls, crystal energy, gluon balls, and more, but these metallic robots are predators, determined to fix you and make you part of the system!

They may only be a prelude to the large spidery robots that live and work in and around the power cores. They like to recycle parts and tech, and they'll pluck it right from your exosuit or multitool if you let them get too close. You'd better have the right components to repair them before they can.

It's not just station repair systems you can run across. There are things that lurk in space, that might just like to stay warm next to the fusion cores, or in the various internal spaces. What are you going to do when you run across a snoozing asteroid larvae? Or worse? Can you lock it into a chamber and work past it without waking it? Or is it time to blast away?


Some space stations will offer orbital shipyards. These can also be built on your own stations. These shipyards do everything you'd expect them to do. You can customize your ships, with new coloration and decals. You can enhance ships here, with access to the necessary ship tech. You can also enhance your Freighters here, building them out and purchasing decent tech. Maintenance is not cheap, but the techs involved can fix anything for the right amount of credits or nanites.

This is where you can improve the internal spaces on your Freighter. Buy internal pressure doors, to segment off your ship into airtight compartments. You can install windows on your Freighters, to see space from your work areas and crew quarters. Purchase an engine room space, a medbay, staterooms, and other useful spaces that every Freighter should have when doing business in the Deep Dark.

Somewhere on the surface of a nearby planet, you can build a Ship Boneyard, a place to store more ships. This is a place for salvage, where old tech can be extracted, for placement in a new ship.

Gas Giant Bases

The Enterprise update adds gas giant planets to systems. These planets are ideal for building mining bases, allowing you to harvest di-hydrogen, deuterium, tritium, ammonia, nitrogen, radon, sulphurine, dioxite and more. Most of these are present wherever you would drop an atmospheric base. With a new Atmospheric Mining Scoop, you can collect any combination of these elements.

There are new Base Components available, including Cuboid Rooms with a Base Computer and Large Rooms with a Base Computer. This allows you to finally build a base with a Base Computer on the inside. There are Depot Frames, which allow you to integrate groups of four Storage Depots together and attach them to the base. There is a Thermal EM Generator that allows you to power the base by dropping a large superconducting cable deep into the atmosphere, generating power from the temperature differential.

New Nexus/Station Missions

There are new Missions, from the Station Agent and the Nexus, for gathering large amounts of raw materials, crafted components, and more. At existing stations, the Gek Station Agents will also offer these tasks.

At stations requiring reconstruction or creation, you can hire Geks as overseers, operation managers, and construction leaders. Pay them well, because there are always rival Trader Lords who will pay more for relevant intel.

The Merchant Guild in a Station has coordinates for abandoned stations and less savory places. The higher your guild standing, the better targets you'll be offered. They have the contracts for large buys. Of course, if you're disreputable, you might find it easier to hand over enough credits to get directions to a station more to your liking.

The Nexus Lounge

Sidle into a new space in the Nexus. The Captain's Bar offers the best libations across all of the Galaxies. This is the place to come if you have something to give away, trade, ask for, or just receive. With a Trade Board and Giveaway Space, you can find people who need resources and people who want to give them away or trade. Additionally, there will be an option that automatically refuses any gift, for those players who want to build their empire all by themselves.

Inside the Captain's Bar, you can put yourself into the queue for specific missions. Want to know when the Hazardous Plants mission comes up? Want to know when a mission offers a Walker's Brain. Sign up here!

Additionally, there's a row of Galactic Trade Terminals here, each with different supplies. Need a limited amount of construction supplies? Plants? Tech? Biological supplies? Find them all here, just outside the Captain's Bar. You can sell your loot here as well, if you need to clear out some inventory space.