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No Man's Sky

Liberation Update

The Green Korvax

The Green Korvax had a plan and a purpose. They knew about Living Ships and Living Freighters. They knew of the experiments to merge Korvax minds into mechanical ships. They wanted to experiment. They knew that they would be reviled and hunted down as an aberration. So, they left for the distant Rim and Disconnected themselves. They formed their own separate Reconnection, so that they would not stray from their malevolent purity of purpose.

Shortly after this, the rest of the Korvax went through the Great Disconnection. Any memories of the Green Korvax were lost.

The Green Korvax continue their foul experiments, on their orbital and planetary bases far from normal galactic commerce. They maintain a strict control over the Living Ships of all kinds in their domain. It is time to free the sentient ships from their cruel torturers!

Green Korvax Orbital Bases

The Green Korvax maintain large orbital bases in systems where the Living Ships fly. The bases prevent the Living Ships from warping away. There are two ways to destroy these bases.

The brute force way works. Assemble a squadron of Fighters and ace Pilots, and there is a chance you can shoot down the base while leaving a few survivors still flying. The Vy'keen love the chance to take part in these close combat missions.

There is a more subtle way. If you can avoid triggering the base sensors, you can land on the orbital base. Once inside, you can install various crafted components into critical systems. A Liquid Explosive here, a Fusion Accelerant there, a Fusion Igniter in the right place, a Stasis Device on some critical repair systems, and a Remote Detonator can blow the station up from the inside as you race away.

If you're caught, you may find yourself in the Brig, without your MultiTool. Can you hack your way out of the cell? Crawl through an air duct or two? Retrieve your MultiTool and continue the mission, or simply run away?

Neither mission is easy. It's necessary to free the Living Ships in the system. It also opens the door to the Planetary Base.

The Sentinels and Stealth Tech

The best way to approach the Orbital Base for sabotage is through the use of X-class Stealth Tech. That is difficult to acquire in normal Stations, but can be purchased from some Landed Pilots and the Black Market Stations from the Enterprise update. With enough Stealth Tech, you can approach and land safely on the Green Korvax Orbital Base.

With Stealth Tech in your Exosuit, you might be able to fool the Green Korvax wandering through the halls.

There is one giant drawback to Stealth Tech. The Sentinels HATE it. If you are in a Stealthed ship and you fire a weapon, it's like setting off a major alarm, heard by Sentinels for light years. The big Sentinel Ships will warp in and open fire on anyone who triggered their Stealth Tech. They will open fire on anyone else who is shooting. The only way to escape is to never fire. This can be a distraction that allows a stealth mission to succeed.

However, the big Sentinel Ships will summon large, new Sentinel Motherships. These ships are terrors in the sky, capable of blasting ships into random particles if you're not fast and well-shielded. You may think you'll escape by warping away, but the Motherships have a way of twisting your warps. You'll end up in an isolated system filled with Aggressive Sentinel planets, with the Motherships right behind you. You can be assured that more Sentinel ships are on their way.

There is a rumor that the Motherships can twist more than one warp, trapping you in a series of warps until you run out of hyperdrive fuel. The Vy'keen love these fights, deliberately triggering their Stealth Tech as the start of their final flight. Few survive to tell the story. How many warps can they thwart?

Green Korvax Planetary Bases

This is where the horror of the Green Korvax experimentation is on full display. Whether it's deliberately mutated Living Ship organs that could be grown into distorted Living Ships or captured Korvax minds being prepared for implantation in a ship frame, it's not humane. Who knows what other horrors can be found, created by these genetic-twisting Green Korvax?

These bases are protected by an impenetrable Force Field projected by the Orbital Base. You have to destroy the Orbital Base to gain access to the Planetary Base. Or, is there another way in?


The equipment in a Planetary Base is capable of doing freaky pet egg mutations. Rumors suggest that Green Korvax devices can guide mutations along specific desired paths. These rumors also suggest that these devices can mutate a pet into something completely unexpected.

Living Ships

One thing that can be found in the Planetary Base is more Living Ship technology. The Green Korvax may be evil, but they do know how to create and shape Living Ship Tech. This is where you can find Scanners for Living Ships, as well as new weapons, shielding, and additional strange tech. This is also one of the places you can find ways to increase the number of slots in a Living Ship.

Given the relative weakness of most Living Ship Tech, it is possible to expand the Living Ship to 48+28. These seven additional Tech slots provide some advantages for using a Living Ship during normal missions.

Living Freighters

Living Freighters are huge Living Ships, the ultimate evolution of a normal Living Ship. They have an internal biology that can be worked around to provide a habitable volume for intrepid and daring Travelers. The Living Freighters have living components, that must be nurtured, fed, and maintained. It will be necessary to supply the ship with food, Residual Goop, nanites, Cave Marrow, Kelp Sac, and some other plants. Living Slime is also useful.

Living Freighters are fed by NipNip and a new plant, the Spidervine.

Some of the Living Freighters in a given system are those that have been experimented on by the Green Korvax. Some of them have been embodied with Korvax minds. Some of these minds may be willing to sign on to traveling with you, but others will insist that they be returned to a Korvax body. This may be possible by moving the mind into a Mind Arc and delivering that to regular Korvax.

Note that Living Freighters embodied with willing Korvax minds have pluses and minuses. They may add to some of the abilities of your Living Freighter. They also may not always do what you want. They may turn to attack an occasional Sentinel ship, if they're unhappy. They may decide that they want to go to a different system than you had in mind. It's best if you keep the Korvax pilot mind happy.

With the right ingredients and a Birthing Chamber, you can grow Void Eggs in your Living Ship.

Living Derelicts

Some Green Korvax experiments have been failures. Living Derelicts are the result. They are filled with a noxious internal atmosphere, requiring the appropriate hazard tech. Keep a supply of ammonia to recharge it!

Expect to run into living components gone rogue. Spideroid repair animals are always lurking above and on walls, waiting for their next source of raw components to use. Don't be that source! There are Residual Goop and Viscous Fluid oozes that attack, pulling you into them to consume you. There are jets that shoot out toxic spores, and living Living Slime. It can be a messy, dangerous place, if you're not lucky or careful.

Fortunately, the Green Korvax have left their experimental tools on board. Find the tool components, assemble them, and then find the right spot. You can feed nanites into the tool and it will extract useful Living Ship technology. You can extract seeds that will grow out a new slot on your Living Ship or Living Freighter. Alternatively, you can extract some Living Ship or Living Freighter S Tech.

Freedom has its Price

Once you liberate the Living Ships in a system by destroying the Green Korvax bases, the Living Ships will fiercely defend their freedom. Many will seek out new, empty systems, to live freely and in peace. Others will remain in the given system, to mourn, or to huddle together, finally safe.

However, if someone should attempt to build a base anywhere in the given system, every remaining Living Ship and Living Freighter will flee to another empty system. They may eventually find their way into populated systems, but after millennia of oppression, they deserve a chance to live free and without worry.

They probably won't mind a few visitors in ships, but tread carefully.

Better Scanning Tech

The Green Korvax designed Living Ship technology to help maintain their secrecy, protecting them from intruders. As such, they've radically improved scanning technology. Living Ships can have a Head's Up Display that shows all of the cardinal directions and angles in between. They can detect concentrations of life forms on a planet, good for finding bases and trading posts. They can spot Sentinels around various buildings, such as Operations Centres. They can detect Anomalies in space. Near the ground, they can spot electromagnetic, mineral, and gas hotspots.

New Nexus/Station Missions

Station Agents and Nexus Missions will reward Travelers greatly for returning disconnected Korvax minds back to the Korvax. They will also pay well for specific components and materials found in Green Korvax Planetary Bases.

Nada and Polo loathe the efforts of the Green Korvax. The Nexus will offer missions to destroy Green Korvax bases along the Rim.

The Explorer's Guild agents have potential Portal coordinates of Green Korvax systems. They will pay members of high enough standing to go and scout these systems, or to destroy the bases there. They will pay for freed Korvax minds.