Tales of the Future

Tales of the Future

This is about a future of wonder and discovery, from the time of the First Sentience in the Galaxy, to a time where the hills and valleys of hyperspace are filled with ships from thousands of sentient races. These sentiences are biological, of fluids and sinew, adapting to some surprising ecological niches. They are mechanical, with positronic robotic minds driving robotic bodies of all shapes and functionalities. They are also virtual, living software existing in one of the vast computational constructs of quantum entanglements and semiconductors.

And yet, they are all people, with hopes, ambitions, desires, quirks and foibles. For all of the freedom a post-scarcity economy brings, problems remain. Communication between two groups of people with vastly different mindsets is always difficult, even under the best circumstances. Important decisions must be made, with incomplete information, and with no time to mull over the options. Accidents happen. Mistakes are made. And evil still exists.

These are Tales of some of those challenging moments. These Tales use classic SF themes and settings to pose interesting and challenging questions about the future. Each Tale is a separate, small, independent, focused LARP.

Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Tales of the Future

Volume 1: These are Tales about the times of the lives of people and civilizations in the Deep Dark. These are Tales about birth, the vigor of a growing and expanding culture, the grand times, the waning times, and their eventual transformation or disappearance. These Tales also touch on the legacies we leave behind. The Tales:

Volume 2: These are Tales about Contact. They are Tales of the moment and implications of First Contact, the challenges of Second Contact and more, and the cooperation and competition of neighboring cultures. There may even be a Tale of the challenge of a Last Contact. The Tales:

NOTE: It is a long-standing tradition that Tale titles, wherever possible, contain puns, word play, classic references, double (or triple) entendres, or have a very different interpretation in the context of the Tale.

About the Tales of the Future LARPs

Each Volume in the Tales of the Future is its own dark, philosophical Tale-telling LARP set in the universe of Across the Sea of Stars, The Tales of Irnh, The Journey of a Single Step Made Quadrillions of Times, and others. Each Volume consists of a series of independent Tales ‐ short microLARPs ‐ that illuminate the history of the Future.

These are character-driven, low-mechanic, little-to-no combat five player LARPs. There are no gendered pronouns in the game, which means two things: the gender of the role is open to the player to define and inhabit, and those roles may have important and significant intimate relationships with others in the Tale. If this is a concern for you, please talk to the organizer of your event.

The Tales are small; every player is necessary and expected to drive the action. Players will play a variety of roles during the game, good and evil, protagonist and antagonist - but all critical to the Tale. If you are new to LARP, please talk to the organizers of the event, as this style of LARP can be a challenge to some. That will give us a chance to figure out the best way to cast you; remember this is a tiny LARP, and every part is necessary for everyone's enjoyment in the experience.

CONTENT WARNING: Please read the page on Content Concerns before you fill out the questionnaire for either of these LARPs.

Each Volume is designed to be independent; they don't hold spoilers for other Volumes. While this takes place in a setting shared by several other LARPs, this will not spoil those games. Similarly, if you've played those games, you can play Volumes in the Tales of the Future without being spoiled.

Tales of the Future Volume 1 and Volume 2 were designed and written by Jeff and Jordan Diewald.