The Journey of a Single Step
Made Quadrillions of Times

The Journey of A Single Step...

Something is happening at the Great Attractor, a large volume of the Deep Dark a quarter of a billion light years from the Milky Way. With the best technology of the Coterie, a loose coalition of multitudes of sentient races capable of hyperspatial travel in our Galaxy, the trip is still an unthinkable 100,000 years long.

This is not a journey for a single ship, or even a small flotilla. In order to make this trip, it will take an entire Fleet of ships, carrying experts in science, diplomacy, engineering, medicine, and much, much more.

It will be a grand adventure, promising uncountable new First Contacts, new races, and new discoveries as the Fleet jumps from galaxy to galaxy on its way to the Great Attractor. There will be long, dark passages through the emptiest nothings of the Deepest Dark between galaxies. There will be bright celebrations and glorious welcomes as the Fleet arrives in cultural centers of newly met galactic civilizations. And those places will be hard to leave for some...

Each of us should be in isolation, in our small ships sailing the uncertainty of the current pandemic. There's a parallel in this, to every voyage of exploration, where small fleets of isolated ships set off for new discoveries and new lands. Let's take a shared trip to explore new worlds created by all of us.

Seven excellent authors answered The Pitch, leading to the Journey of a Single Step Made Quadrillions of Times.

THE PITCH: You're invited to write one Tale microLARP about one step in a science fiction voyage, about a fleet of ships sailing on an improbable voyage to an impossible destination taking nearly forever. Design your standalone Tale to be told across a shared video link, for a small number of players. Jordan and I will assemble all the Tales written and invite you to play in a virtual, online run of the resulting series of Tales. We'll share it all at the end, making the entirety publicly accessible.

Let us know if you're interested, with an extended target date of having Tales submitted to us by September 1st, 2020.

You can write a complete five player Tale in seven pages.

If you've played in Across the Sea of Stars, The Tales of Irnh, or Tales of the Future Volume 1, you've played in one of the Tale LARPs Jeff has co-written with Jordan. Several others have written Tale and Tale-like games, from The Last Seder to Tales from the Cradle. It's an interesting LARP architecture for building larger story arcs. Even if you haven't played in one of these LARPs, you may have thought about short, simple LARPs and what they could accomplish.

Many more details can be found on the pages in the navigation on the left, including the first Tale.

Let's take some time to tell each other some stories.