Date Time Venue Players and Thanks
1 November 16th, 2002 2-5 PM Private Home Laurie Benner, Ann Broomhead, Mattie Casper, Chris "Lackey" Chaney, Adam Diamond, Daniel Einspanjer, Andy Kirschbaum, Scott Lutz, Caitrin McCullough, Matt Pietrek, Steven Sharp, and Ryan Smart
Thanks to:
  • Patricia McMahon for stepping in at the very last minute
  • Steve McGarry for his production assistance
  • Scott Lutz for the use of his house
2 March 2nd, 2003 midnight-after 2 AM Intercon C Susan Born, Jesse Cox, Matt Ender, Alex Haley, Greer Hauptmann, Doug Hoover, Jim MacDougal, Christina Moriarty, Meredith Peck, and Jen Raymond
Thanks to:
  • Philip Kelley and one other player who agreed to fill in for some no-shows
  • Duncan Picard, who stepped in at the very last minute to fill in a very important role

Other Credits

We blatantly refactored John Corrado Jr's clever mechanic from I Was a Teenage Mutant From Outer Space for use in this game. One of the joys of the Intercon community is the amazing breadth of ideas that one can learn from, just by playing in all sorts of different and wonderful games. Thanks John!