The danger was imminent, a threat you could not possibly handle. A voice, commanding; a hand on your shoulder, comforting. Then, well, you're not entirely sure. There was a lot of shouting and confusion. There was an entrance, a doorway, a crevice leading away from the trouble. You went through that hole, into this place. You're not sure where or what this place is. You did not expect to be in a white void, enclosed in a tiny volume. And there are ten or eleven others who look just as confused as you...

You'll Be Safe Here is an experimental 2-3 hour LARP, a dramatic study for twelve unrelated characters, who think they've reached sanctuary. Instead, they've found themselves together in a place completely outside of their expectations. Their original companions are still in danger and will need their help - help that is now seemingly lost. Will these characters be able to work together to find their way back?

Are they really safe here? Just where are they?

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