A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

force multiplier

a star wars larp for six players

by jennifer and jordan diewald

invaluable mechanics design assistance by
patrick bird, nat budin, will fergus, olivia montoya, renee lasko, tim lasko, and adina schreiber

force multiplier

Six of the very few remaining Force users have converged at a strange, ancient Temple that calls out with a powerful concentration of the Force. It is 41 ABY[1], and the Galaxy is in turmoil. It’s been six years since Emperor Palpatine was finally destroyed in the Battle of Exegol[2], along with all of the Sith. The Jedi are long dead, the result of the treacherous and devastating Order 66[3]. The New Republic is struggling to rebuild in the Core. The Rim is fragmented and broken into thousands of small political groups, each fighting for power and advantage.

This forgotten Temple, located on a lonely, unknown world named Andama, sits far out in the Rim, well beyond any of the usual trade routes and colonies. Six determined beings, with six different agendas, and very different views of the Force, have entered, only to discover there’s no way out…

Force Multiplier does not require extensive knowledge of the Star Wars canon. If you know just a little about the Force, the Jedi, the Sith, and lightsabers, you can play this LARP!

Force Multiplier is a four hour Star Wars LARP for six players, designed and written by Jennifer and Jordan Diewald. Force Multiplier is a character-driven game, with non-contact mechanics to simulate lightsaber combat. Some combat is expected, but it is not the primary focus of the game. All of the characters are written in gender neutral terms, so they are playable by everyone, with the choice of character gender, if any, entirely up to the player. One of the characters has been hurt in their backstory and requires an exoskeleton or anti-grav floater to move about.

Content Warnings: There is medical experimentation, murder, torture, and genocide in the backstory. There are threats to loved ones, including children. Some form of abusive relationship is almost inevitable in master/student pairings, regardless of whether they are Sith or Jedi. There is drug abuse and alcoholism in the back story, but none of the characters are addicts or alcoholics.

While there may be references to events, places, and people familiar to those with more extensive knowledge of the Star Wars universe, Force Multiplier is set far away from those events, places, and people, in our own corner of the Galaxy, far, far away. This game should be accessible to you even if you've only barely scratched the surface of the Star Wars universe. We welcome you to the Force! For those of you like us, with a deeper understanding of the Force and all the stories, this is your opportunity to immerse yourself in this mythos and enjoy!

Character sheets are typically 8-12 pages long, in 14 point font. Players will get them after being cast, well before the game, with enough time to prepare costuming. Each character will get a one page sheet on arrival, with more detail about the Temple and the others. Each character will have three Force Visions and three Force Memories during the game, each of which consists of 2-4 pages of new material to read, also in 14 point font. The set of game bluesheets are directly available using the navigation links on the left.

scheduled runs

Jordan and I are excited to run Force Multiplier at several venues! The following runs are planned:

run (link to site) date cost location
Summer LARPin' 2024 Friday, July 19th Con Cost Boxborough, MA
Greater Boston LARP Society Sunday, August 18th (2 runs) $10 GBLS donation TBD

You MUST be a paid member of the event to sign up for any runs that have a "Con Cost."


[1]: After the Battle of Yavin, as seen in Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope.

[2]: As seen in Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker.

[3]: As seen in Season 7: The Final Season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, in the penultimate episode (#132), Shattered.