This Time For Sure

Boris Badenov's Gulag For Unrepentant Children

A LARP for several unrepentant children

Mug Shot Aliases Source
Alvin Seville Alvin and the Chipmunks
A squeaky chipmunk always bouncing off the walls, he's new to the gulag and to confinement. This won't end well.
Bart Simpson The Simpsons
Bart was the first of these children to be sent to the gulag, hand-delivered by his father. Unfortunately, he hasn't managed to get out yet.
Calvin Calvin and Hobbes
An imaginative boy who is constantly in trouble. He misses his tiger Hobbes and is willing to go far to get back to him.
Dennis Mitchell aka "The Menace" Dennis the Menace
A menace to society, at least according to the guards. He's a lot less of a threat at the moment, without his slingshot.
Jason Fox FoxTrot
A math whiz always doing something to annoy his sister Paige. Stuck here without his iguana Quincy, he's looking for something troublesome to do.
Lisa Simpson The Simpsons
A studious girl who loves her books and hates confinement of any kind, intellectual or physical.
Lucille "Lucy" van Pelt Peanuts
Anyone who knows Miss van Pelt is not surprised she was sent to the gulag. Her attitude hasn't improved much, especially because she has neither a football nor anyone to tease with it.
Margaret Wade Dennis the Menace
A bossy, older girl who tries to seem good and proper. She seems close to many of the guards, if only to wheedle some privileges or goodies.
Miss Piggy The Muppets
Destined for stardom, Miss Piggy was sent to the gulag over what must have been a misunderstanding that inadvertently left four policemen injured.
"Pig-pen" Peanuts
No one's sure where "Pig-pen" spends his time, because he dreads the inevitable bath time imposed by the guards.
Susie Derkins Calvin and Hobbes
An imaginative girl who tries to remain calm and centered in this hell, through the creative use of tea time. This is an invitation you should not ignore.

Important Note: All of these characters and their images are copyright by their individual creators, and not us, by any means. This LARP has some fun with them, as a result of the love, appreciation, joy, and amusement we've gotten from them over the years.