This Time For Sure

Boris Badenov's Gulag For Unrepentant Children

A LARP for several unrepentant children

Other Information about the Gulag


A child must be bathed on the guard's schedule, one at a time. All dirt is washed away, no matter how thick, and all things in the child's possession are confiscated (never to be seen again). They will take who they think is the dirtiest first (usually "Pig-Pen") unless someone else volunteers to go earlier. Going after "Pig-Pen" takes his bath is always disgusting, as there's a solid ring of dirt around the tub to remind you he was there. That comes off in the next several baths, which means those people get out of the tub dirtier than when they went in. Getting clean after that frequently means a second (or third) bath to follow.


Someone must know a cure to the long-term effects of eating Borscht, the most obvious of which is starting to like it. Short-term, each serving of Borscht eaten is treated as if it points at you and says, "Combat!" See Combat Rules.

Candy Cigarettes:

Candy cigarettes have become a medium of exchange in the Gulag. It's like sweet, edible money.

Combat Rules:

Initiator points at a target. Initiator says, "Combat!" Both initiator and target fall down. Both get up 30 seconds later. Combat is over.


Everyone knows you get cooties from doing icky stuff with someone who has cooties, like holding their hand too long and liking it.

Mud Pies:

Edible. Better than Borscht.

Red Stars:

If you would like a Red Star, pick up one of the Red Star envelopes. Open it, do the task, and you've earned an additional Red Star! Wear it proudly, as required by Gulag rules!