Some Amusing Answers

The questionnaire is more than just a way for us to collect contact information and get the basic gist of what you want to play. The questionnaire is also designed to give us some insight into how you think. It's also there to amuse the GMs with your answers.

Usually, these answers vanish into the mists of the GM's email folders, lost to posterity. Below are some of the more interesting answers to two of the essay questions, for your amusement.

These aren't presented in any particular order. Enjoy!

The Happiness Question

Your plush starship cruiseliner is hurtling through hyperspace heading towards the head office on a planet where happiness is mandatory. What position do you hold in the crew, and what are your duties? How do you make the passengers happy?

[Editorial note: too many of us have played too much Paranoia!]

The Life Pod Question

You're standing in front of the last two-person escape pod with a priest, Captain Kirk, a seven year old blind girl and a six armed, nine foot tall, shocking pink alien from the planet Froob. Who do you put in the pod and why?

[Editorial note: there's some real issues with the Froob, I see. I only hope they're less assuming about our kind than some of you are about them. As for Captain Kirk, it's clear that you're either for or against him, and the numbers aren't real positive!]