Sign Me Up!

To sign up for Collision Imminent! requires these steps:

  1. Find out about our latest scheduled run. Get registered for the event, if we're running at a convention.

  2. Fill out the questionnaire that follows. (You can save this page as text, edit it, and then send it back.) Don't copy the clever answers from the other runs - you'll have to come up with your own!

  3. Fill the questionnaire out quickly, because there are only a limited number of cast and secret special slots in the game!

  4. Mail the completed questionnaire to Jeff Diewald at diewald AT comcast DOT net.

That's all it takes!

There are no currently scheduled runs of this LARP.

Basic Information

Your Name:

Your Age (roughly):

Your preferred gender:

Your email address:

How much LARP experience do you have?

Where have we seen you before? Have you played in one of our games before? Which ones?

Have you played Collision Imminent! before? (It's OK if you have!)

Is there anyone you would rather NOT be paired with or set up against?

Is there someone that you simply MUST be paired with or set up against?

How you like to play I

Many people participate in a role-playing game in different ways. Please mark the statement that matches what you generally like to do in a game:

How you like to play II

We've found that most people use a combination of three general approaches when role-playing a character:

On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 5 (this is how I play):

How you like to play III:

Collision Imminent! has a lot of interesting roles. Mark in the first column all of the kinds of characters that you'd be WILLING to play. Then, mark the one entry in the second column that best matches what you would MOST LIKE to play.

Willing to play: Most like to play:
[_____] [_____] I want to be a member of the cast, with a role that lasts longer than five minutes.
[_____] [_____] I want to be a member of the horde, with lots of very short roles.
[_____] [_____] I don't want to die! Save me!
[_____] [_____] I want to die in as many glorious and dramatic deaths as possible.
[_____] [_____] I want to speak fluent technobabble.
[_____] [_____] I've seen nearly every science fiction cliche on TV and film; let me play them all!

The Essay Questions:

This is where you have a chance to tell us more about yourself, through your answers. We pay a lot of attention to these questions, and they can make a big difference. Don't skimp here!

Note: If your answer amuses us, we may post it, with your name, on the website, unless you explicitly tell us you don't want your name used.

If you could play any character from science fiction, who would you be, and why?

Your plush starship cruiseliner is hurtling through hyperspace heading towards the head office on a planet where happiness is mandatory. What position do you hold in the crew, and what are your duties? How do you make the passengers happy?

You're standing in front of the last two-person escape pod with a priest, Captain Kirk, a seven year old blind girl and a six armed, nine foot tall, shocking pink alien from the planet Froob. Who do you put in the pod and why?

Thank you for filling out the questionnaire. It will help us to figure out where to put you in the game. Please send it in ASAP!