It would be nice if everyone could come appropriately costumed. Here are a few suggestions and guidelines:

Members of the Crew

Imagineerium™ uniforms are sharp, clean, neat at all times, and can be a bit gaudy. Captain Allen's uniform is described as:

"Your fancy dress uniform consists of an under-jumpsuit, trim and sharp, dark blue, with narrow lines of pale luminescent cerulean outlining both sides of your body. The blazer is electric white, almost glowing in intensity. Your shoulders are covered in braid, shimmering and flashing with every movement. There are three rings of silver at each cuff, sartorially handsome and also integrated into the command controls of the ship. You can move your hands in choreographed movements through the air on the bridge and the ship responds. Very chic."

"You also have ribbons and medals, such as your latest aquisition: a fuzzy, fluorescent, pink oval."

The official Imagineerium™ staff theme colors are shades of blue. This is worn by all those who are expected to interact with the passengers. Uniforms are expected to be neat, clean, exactingly pressed, and odor-free. The Imagineerium™ regulations are quite specific and strict.

The Engineers wear reds. This is in order to tell them apart from the blue and violet emanations from the Cerenkov Radiation Chambers located in the Engine Bays.

Weaponry, real or ceremonial, is strictly forbidden by Imagineerium™ regulations, except in very specific situations. None of those situations apply at the start of the game, so you must not be armed in any way.

Please attempt to find something blue and that passes for a uniform of your appropriate rank.

Members of the Horde

As a member of the Horde, you will be playing a number of characters over the course of the game. Since some of these characters may be very different, it can be a challenge to figure out what costuming to bring. At the beginning of the game, things will start fairly calmly. This will be an opportunity for most of you to play some classic character archetype to start, a chance to do a little improvisation of a typical cruiseline character.

You should come costumed for this character. Think about what someone might wear aboard the maiden voyage of a futuristic luxury starliner. Be bright, gaudy, eccentric, or even a bit alien. Be generic and not specific in persona. That is, play a Vulcan instead of Mr. Spock, or a Vogon instead of Zaphod Beeblebrox, or someone from Psi Corps instead of Mr. Bester.

None of these characters should be armed. Please do not bring weaponry props to the game; Imagineerium™ has very strict regulations about such items.

As the game progresses, you may play a series of one-shot roles, one or more recurring characters, or some combination thereof. Costuming is one way to help you and the other players distinguish between the roles. There are a number of ways that can help switch looks quickly:

If you bring a couple of these to use, it should make it easier for the others to note the differences in your parts. If you swap with others in the Horde, you should be able to get many different looks.

Be inventive, be creative, and have fun!

Any Questions?

Costuming collaboration is encouraged. Feel free to talk about it with others in the game, as long as you do not discuss character or plot details (if you know any). Consult the GMs if you have any questions.