Welcome to the ship!

You are on board the largest and most luxurious starship ever built. No expense has been spared in the design and development of this mighty vessel. Your comfort and satisfaction are guaranteed!

This sleek, majestic Imagineerium™ starship is capable of speeds far in excess of the speed of light; relativistic time dilation is never a factor in getting you to where you want to go on time. Wrapped in a Corrado Hyperspatial Field and powered by four Butler-McCann-Proch (BMP) fusion drives, the ship leaps from planet to planet, from star to star, with grace and elegance.

Ship Layout, with Corrado Hyperspatial Field

Nothing stands in the way of the ship as it speeds its way through the depths of space. A powerful triply redundant quantum-flux shield stands in the way, to deflect every atom, every molecule, every chunk of space debris out of your path. Ever-alert ship sensors and computers monitor every conceivable variable, as our highly trained, experienced operations crew steers through the endless voids of the ether.

That doesn't really matter, since you'll never notice any of this as you journey in luxury.

You'll be located in one of the six passenger sections on board. Passengers are prohibited from visiting the Bridge and the Engine Room unless they are part of one of our arranged tours. Tickets for these tours may be purchased in the Leo Deck Observation Lounge located along the central axis between sections two and five, next to the Hyperspatial Communication Terminals.

Each section of the ship contains all the amenities necessary for a long and comfortable voyage between the stars. Whether your pleasure is the finest cuisine in this arm of the Galaxy, a rousing solo match of low-G shockball, nightly theatrical performances by acclaimed troupes of actors, or just lounging under a panorama of swirling luminescent nebulae, Imagineerium™ brings it to you, in style.

With 400 crewpeople to pamper the 3,600 passengers on board, your journey will be a safe and memorable one. We're here to make your trip one you'll never forget! Our courteous staff is on hand twenty-four hourcycles of the standard day, ready to perform any service.[1]

The Imagineerium™ staff is prepared to help you under any circumstance. A full service hospital, including physical, psychological, parapsychological, and pharmacological facilities, is a simple computer page away. If we don't have it in our staff expertise, or in our stores, then you really don't need it.

Your enjoyment, comfort and safety are our first, last and only concerns. Safety Officers patrol this ship, seeking out any potential problems and eliminating them before they occur. To assist in this process, you will be asked to turn over any potential hazardous items or weaponry that is not integral to your biology. These items will be stored safely for the duration of your journey, and will be returned to you when you disembark. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to any of our courteous Safety Officers.

In the extremely unlikely event of a shipwide emergency, passengers should report to the Evacuation Lounges centrally located along the hull in each section. In the Lounge, there will be a row of access hatches for the escape pods.

There are 2,400 pods aboard the ship, each capable of sustaining two standard human life-forms for two weeks - more than enough time for rescue vessels to reach any stranded passengers. There is 20% more capacity than can possibly be used - so put your mind at ease. Like everything else we do at Imagineerium™ - we're behind you more than 100%, to make your Imagineerium™ experience the best we possibly can.

Behind each access panel is a column of pods. When each pod has been filled and ejected, a new row of pods will automatically snap into place, available for the next set of guests.

Early in your voyage, you will be asked to familiarize yourself with the location of your Evacuation Lounge and the evacuation procedures.[2]

Legal Small Print We Are Required To Make Available

[1] Some services optional. A price list for these services is available from any crewmember or Happiness Assistance Liaison computer system. Just ask!

[2] Our lawyers insist on this, so that you will be safe in the incalculably remote chance that something goes wrong in a way that our stellar crew cannot compensate for.

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