Which Game Master Do I Ask?

Collision Imminent! divides up the Game Mastering work into three primary areas. When you have a question about the game, please help things move along by going to the right GM. There may also be floating GMs to assist in various areas.

The Escape Pod Game Masters

The Escape Pod GMs are in charge of the Evacuation Lounge. They know the mechanics of the Escape Pod mechanisms. They will adjudicate the operation of the Pods. Crew characters with in-game questions about their characters should ask the Escape Pod GMs.

The Horde Game Masters

The Horde GMs run the passenger Horde. They will be in the Horde area waiting to assign roles to players looking to return to the Evacuation Lounge for more action. The Horde GMs will control the pace and general demeanor of the Horde, so please look to them to determine the mindset of your character. The Horde GMs are there to answer any questions about the Horde characters. If you have any of your own ideas about interesting characters you'd like to bring into the game, please see the Horde GMs.

The Engineering Game Masters

The Engineering GMs represent the Engineering crew of the starship. If you have need of an Engineer, see the Engineering GM. An Engineer may (or may not) respond. The Engineering GMs also track the status of the ship and the ship's systems. The Engineering GMs also understand the physics and mechanics of ship operation and flight. Thus, if you have any need for or questions about the "technobabble" to use, please see them.