1. Don't Panic! This ship is equipped with state-of-the-art emergency escape pods, sufficient to evacuate every single passenger and crewmember with capacity to spare.

  2. Stay Put! The Airtight Doors will seal, to maintain the environment in all areas of the ship. You will not be able to move between sections once these doors have closed.

  3. Help is Already On the Way! The Communication Chief will send an SOS signal to alert rescue vessels within the area.

  4. Line Up at the Escape Pods. One of the Imagineerium™ Crew will assist you to a seat in one of the available pods. The Life Support System will be active, with oxygen, water, and food sufficient for two standard human life-forms for one week.

  5. Please Take The First Available Seat. In the case of an emergency, the redundant systems will provide enough time for all to escape -- but time is of the essence.

  6. Strap Yourself In Using the Restraining Safety Belts. Visual instructions are available in a convenient pouch at the side of the seat, translated into thirty-seven different languages.

  7. An Authorized Crewmember will Activate the Pod Ejection Mechanism. This is the large red button located to the side of the Escape Pod bank. The system computer will verify the identity of the person activating the system for your safety.

  8. After 15 Seconds, the Escape Pod Doors Will Close and Lock. The Escape Pod is entirely automatic. There is nothing that a passenger can do to affect the systems.

  9. The Entire Bank of Escape Pods Will Eject. After thirty seconds, guidance thrusters will fire to clear the pod from the vicinity of the ship. You may temporarily experience some excessive gravitational forces.

  10. The Next Row of Pods Will Move Into Position After Three Minutes: Remain calm. There are more than enough racks of pods to evacuate the entire ship. Your turn will come!