or The Page Where Names Are Named

This page focuses on the creative forces involved in writing and improving the LARP. More details about the various runs of the game are described elsewhere.

Collision Imminent! was written as the "Build Your Own Game" at Intercon 15.5. That means that a panel was convened on Friday night, June 30th of 2000, to determine what the game would be. The panel was facilitated by:

Facilitator Writing Credits (as of 2000)
Sean Butler Strangers in the House, Drink Deep, Sic Semper Tyrannis
John Corrado Jr. I Was a Teenage Mutant From Outer Space, Phoenix, Four Aces, and more
Steve McCann Drink Deep, Sic Semper Tyrannis, Crossroads, Crossroads II
Rebecca Proch Strangers in the House, Drink Deep, Sic Semper Tyrannis

Once the game subject was chosen, it was time to write, starting from scratch. Since the game was destined to be run on Sunday morning, that meant that the pressure was on. Given the impressive LARP backgrounds of everyone involved, it was great fun when the team came together and cranked out the materials. The Imagineerium™ Team consisted of:

Author Writing Credits (as of 2000)
John Corrado Jr. I Was a Teenage Mutant From Outer Space, Phoenix, Four Aces, and more
Anne Cross Broadway's on the Rocks, with a Twist
Jeff Diewald The Treaty of Berlin, A Night at Club Ivory, The Idol Hands of Death, and more
Philip Goetz At least one LARP, title unknown
David Lichtenstein Fallout, Mortal Kung Fu Street Combat Fighting Warriors
Michael McAfee Edsel by Night, Commedia dell'Arte, Way Cool Surfer, and more
Uncle Don Ross The Morning After, Sometime Later That Day, A Medieval Day at the Races, and more
Alexandra Thorn Bringing it All Back Home: the Bob Dylan LARP
Mark Waks The Future of Oz, Tabula Rasa, Tabula Rasa v2, and more

Collision Imminent! was written and completed in time, with an enthusiastic and successful run on July 2nd, 2000.

After the success at Intercon 15.5, Collision Imminent! was brought back for Intercon A. The game materials were reorganized for easier production. Some additional materials were added to the game, mainly in the Horde. Further additional GM notes were added after the run, so that the game could be rerun elsewhere!

The Arisia '03 run added some new ideas for the Horde from Alex Bradley and Susan Giusto.

The TNT Productions team added a few more bits to the Horde for the Tenth Anniversary run at Intercon J in 2010. (Evacuate!)

Julie Diewald created the Imagineerium™ logo images used in game materials, on this website, and on the GM T-shirts produced for the TNT Productions team. The team proudly debuted the shirts at Intercon J, and have worn them at the runs that followed.

Jeff Diewald has been solely responsible for the evolution of these Collision Imminent! pages since they began.

The "Build Your Own Game" (BYOG) tradition continues through the efforts of New England Interactive Literature. More details can be found on the NEIL website.