LARPs I've written or co-written

These are the LARPs that I've written or co-written. These are ordered from most recent to earliest. Follow the links under the LARP column to see much more detail about each game.

LARP V D C Really, Really Short Description
27 Quest for Knowledge Exploration of an alien asteroid starship in deep space. A Peaky Midwest 2021 collaboration.
26 Culture Crash Two very different cultures meet in a First Contact. A Peaky UK 2021 collaboration, originally called Contact One.
25 The Journey of a Single Step Made Quadrillions of Times Tales from a Fleet of starships on a 100,000 year trip.
24 Tales of the Future Volume 2: Contact Collections of Tales about the Future, light and dark, from the quantum foam to the Deepest Dark. These are Tales about Contact, in First Contacts, Second Contacts, and difficult Last Contacts.
23 Tales of the Future Volume 1: Life, the Universe, and Everything Collections of Tales about the Future, light and dark, from the quantum foam to the Deepest Dark. These are Tales about the times of the lives of people and civilizations in the Deep Dark.
22 Alison Drinks Alone Alison doesn't have a LARP for Saturday night at Intercon. Should she drink alone?
21 Level Up! A mostly silly LARP about videogame characters in the real world. Our Intercon S Iron GM entry.
20 Adrift on the Starry Sky A scene based LARP that tells the story of humanity's first interstellar colonization mission
19 A Second Chance for Wings A Tale-telling LARP that charts a race's attempt to return to space. Follow link for download details!
18 This Time For Sure: Boris Badenov's Gulag for Unrepentant Children Can your cartoon kid escape Boris' gulag before he feeds you more borscht?
17 The Tales of Irnh A dark, philosophical Tale-telling LARP about sentient androids, struggling with the limitations placed upon them by their creators.
16 The Night Queen Princess Fluffykins Passed A comedic LARP about twelve neighborhood cats.
15 The Barbecue Modern day family drama in a backyard in rural New Jersey. Follow link for download details!
14 Across the Sea of Stars Tale telling the history of the future.
13 Dustpan: the LARP What's under your couch?
12 The Stigmata of Thomas Enfield 1920s Period horror in the Dark Summonings universe.
11 The Squared Circle 1930s Lovecraftian horror in the Cthulhu Live universe.
10 You'll Be Safe Here Experimental LARP for twelve unrelated characters.
9 The Temple of the Crimson Moon Historical adventure and mystery deep in the Amazon.
8 Smart versus the Termite Queen Super spy action against the bad guys.
7 Collision Imminent! Science fiction disaster horde game.
6 Whose LARP Is It, Anyways? Live-action improvisation in many styles.
5 A Night at Club Ivory 1930s film noir in a Hollywood nightclub.
4 The Idol Hands of Death Historical game of archaeology and murder in Egypt of 1921.
3 Where There's A Will... The politics of inheritance in a modern family murder mystery.
2 The Treaty of Berlin Cold War intrigue in an alternate 1989 murder mystery.
1 Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll 1980s murder mystery with a Boston band and "friends".