Contact the Vortex of Chaos

There are several ways of contacting me:

How Where Contact By What You Should Know
Email Home diewald at comcast dot net I get a lot of email. Paradoxically, the more email I get, the less I respond. I just don't have time to get to it all.
Work Only for work If you need to know this, you'll know how to get it.
Phone Cell My life-line This is the best way to reach me, by far. Ask me, and I'll give the number to you. Voice or text, this phone is essential to life today. I screen all incoming calls - I don't answer if I don't recognize the number. I will return your call if you leave a reasonable message. Talking on the phone is the channel with the greatest bandwidth, which is preferred.
Work Only for work If you need to know this, you'll know how to get it and how to use it.
IM Almost everywhere Text my cell phone My phone is almost always with me, or nearby. Texts are fast and easy, unless I'm on the road, when they get ignored.
Home vortexjmd (AIM) I'm almost never on. Conversations can be arranged through other means.
Work Only for work My work IM does not extend outside of the office, so you can't get there from here.
Social Media G+ Jeff Diewald It's an experiment, and I like the connections there, despite the looming big-data tentacles of Google. G+ hangouts are useful for prearranged videoconference meetings.
Facebook N/A I do not have a presence there, despite its ubiquity. Look elsewhere for me.
Skype Home Jeff Diewald This is a great way to talk face to face despite the distance, and I use it regularly. However, I do not leave it running, so use a different contact method to set up a Skype call.
Coding BitBucket diewald There are a few shared projects on BitBucket.
GitHub diewald There are also a couple of shared projects on GitHub.