LARP Theory and Practice

Over the years, I've done a lot of thinking about LARP, how to write it, how to run it, and how to play it. This page collects and references my texts, presentations, manifestos and rants about LARP.




LARP Theory 101

Ninety minute seminar used to introduce new (and experienced) LARP writers to Twelve Rules, how to get started, size/shape/duration guidelines, writing characters, and mechanics.


Writing Blurbs

One hour panel presentation aimed at getting LARP writers to write better blurbs for their game. This presentation illustrates many common failings of blurbs, and what can be done to make them attract players to LARPs. Written with Philip Kelley and Eva Schiffer, this has been presented at several Intercon panel sessions, with minor updates along the way.


30 Years of Intercon

Thirty minute presentation aimed at explaining Intercon to other LARPers. This steps through 30 years of history and the changes that happened along the way. Presented at the Living Games Conference in 2016.