Iron GM Competitions

NEIL (New England Interactive Literature) has run an Iron GM competition for many years now. As a member of the NEIL Board for many years, I was not allowed to compete under the rules of the competition. I gave up my seat on the Board, which opened up the opportunity to take part in the Iron GM contest.

In 2014 and 2016, Tim Lasko, Theresa Sullivan, Gaylord Tang and I had worked together to produce two well-received games at NELCO BYOGs. This Time For Sure: Boris Badenov's Gulag for Unrepentant Children is a good game, and has run several times now. Adrift on the Starry Sky is a really good game, which we've run many times. Other people have asked to run it, and we've given them access. It's one of my favorite games to run, and it produces some very chewy LARP scenes.

NELCO 2018 was a one day event, with no space for a BYOG. Intercon S was early in 2019, so I asked the others if they wanted to try an Iron GM competition. They did, and the band was back together. Furthermore, my daughter Julie wanted to write with us. That made us a team of five.

Competition Team Ingredients Game Comments
Intercon S

writing: 1/25/19

running: 2/24/19

Not Set In Stone:

Jennifer Diewald, Julie Diewald, Tim Lasko, Theresa Sullivan, Gaylord Tang

Genre: Magical Realism,

Theme: Coming of Age,

Element: Distress Call

Prop: A 10" flat circular table top mirror

Level Up We laughed throughout the creation process, and marveled at the silly things everyone brought to the table. I did not come up with the worst puns in the game, and I'm rather unsettled by that. We didn't place in the competition, which had a record eight teams competing for the three prizes. We had people laughing reading through the game material. We had people doing very silly things in game. We had people smiling on the way out. And we've revised and run the game again, and will keep running it, because it is so much fun. Regardless of the points scored, we won at producing an amusing, interesting, and playable LARP that's also fun to run. That's always a win in our book.