LARP Roles I've Played

My friend Charlie McCutcheon says that I get "cranky" if there's a long time between LARPs for me. He's right. I've made so many friends through LARPing, and we've done so many strange and wondrous things in the process, that I miss it too much when I don't get the chance.

Picture from inside the Globe article. From left to right, Charles Sumner, Mark Waks, Me, Jeff Ogorzalek, Anne Cross, and Katherine Journeay.'

For example, several of us were on the cover of the Boston Globe Calendar magazine back in December of 2000. We went down to the Globe offices, got into costume, then walked through the various departments as they were working on the next day's paper. We got some odd looks, but, then, we're used to it! Besides, I'm in the picture with five other role-players who I've had such amazing experiences with, in and out of game. Each one of the people in the photo has given me several memorable moments. That's what LARP is all about. (Sure, it would have been nice if the article in the Globe had talked more about Intercon but other news articles did.)

Me, Keri Goldenoak and Cameron Betts from 6x9: Peripheral Visionaries, set in the universe of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. That was a LONG time ago!

Different roles, and different people, all of whom are very special to me. I've played so many different parts, in so many different games, that I've lost count. Whether it's science fiction, fantasy, murder mysteries, historical dramas, or whatever, it's all taken me to wondrous places. And, when I think about some of the things that people have asked me to do for them in game... Well, there are too many people who know I'll go (probably) too far, if they ask. (I seem to keep ending up in Chicago, for the strangest reasons... and I've even been to the UK to LARP.)

And you never know who you're going to meet in a LARP. For example, in Lullaby of Broadway III, I (as King Arthur from Camelot and Spamalot) got to hang out with Pontius Pilate (Jesus Christ Superstar) and Horton (who hears a Who in Seussical). This is, notably, not the weirdest collection of characters I've played with.

LARP has also given me a chance to express my creativity in very unexpected ways. Who'd have thought there was a poet or a painter lurking underneath? I keep discovering talents that I never knew existed, just because my friends are willing to let me take risks and try new things in game.

This list is incomplete at this point... These are also the best guesses I can make as to dates.

Dec Dr. J. Andrew Jackson Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll I
Dec? Peter Stuyvesant New Years' on the Riviera
  Guido Capaletti Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll II
  F. Lee Laughton Frithingham Reprise
Sep Soviet Ambassador Grigori Kazarov Treaty of Berlin I
Nov Sir Adam Cavanaugh, K.B.E Treaty of Berlin II
Mar Lt. Bill "Howitzer" Wheaton Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll III
Jun Reverend Willi Ten Boom Tales of the Gold Monkey
  guest and planning committee The Berry Wedding
Apr? H.E. Blackpool/Bunter Wales
Nov: Inspector Tobias Gregson Holmesian London
  Boris Badenov The Great Race
Jul Professor Alistair Chadwick The Idol Hands of Death I
Nov Coach Tyler Calhoun Where There's A Will...
Jul Isaac Seaborne Return to Bora Gora
Sep Karl Steinmetz The Idol Hands of Death II
Oct Karl Steinmetz The Idol Hands of Death III
No LARPs this year - not with two young kids in the house.
Jan Graham Taylor The Anniversary (Who Is Killing The Great Chefs?)
May Ahau Popol IV, a Mayan King The House
Aug Abbas Ibn Abbas The Idol Hands of Death IV
  Wolf Jaeger Gehenna (several episodes in chronicle)
Mar Dr. Alexander Waldbaum-Smythe The Miskatonic University Alumni Parapsychological Epistemology Discussion Group, Oneological Appreciation Forum and Reading Society
May Tien Te The Chicago Conference
Oct Valjean Guy Elysium (several episodes in chronicle)
Mar His Grace, Lord Frederick Til Death Do Us Part
Mar Z, a terrorist cat Hairball
Mar Sven Jorgenson What the Cat Dragged In
Mar Lou McAllister Zombies on Ice
Mar Mayor Fred Thornton The Unveiling
Mar Lord Nurem Bel-Nogareth Star Wars: Deal With the Devil
Mar Inc-R-Nat ParanoiaTest 96
Apr Mycroft Holmes Sic Semper Tyrannis
May Dr. Reginald Merrill The Witches of Enfield
Jun Ter-R-Ifc ParanoiaFest 96
Jun Jefferson Davis Jackson The Idol Hands of Death V
Jul Dr. Walter Cameron Paddlewheel
Jul Tom Lankston Six Times Nine: Peripheral Visionaries
Sep Archer Steel, Primogen of the Toreador, Prince of Worcester Gateways (several episodes in chronicle)
Oct Charles Costa Nap Time II
Oct Mr. Whipple Buses Welcome: Open All Night
Oct Infobahn 2000
Oct General Hiram Talbott Cork I Was a Teenage Mutant From Outer Space
Oct Robert Haldemeier Way Cool Surfer
Oct William Enfield Jr. Xanodria Horror: ???
Dec H.P. Lovecraft Miskatonic Class Reunion
Jan Auveron Pantheon!
Jan Asmodeus, Demon of Hell The Second Circle of Hell
Mar Inspector Javert Broadway on the Rocks, Shaken Not Stirred
Mar Buford Teenage Mystery Dance Party
Mar Marcel Battiese Body Count
Mar Dr. Klaus T. Meddler To Hat and Hat Not
Mar Sgt. Patrick Hughes Zombies on Ice II: The Victorians
Mar Prospero Peredes Conjunction
Apr Tony 'Scooter' Turrelli I Was a Teenage Mutant From Outer Space
May Parker King Dark Summonings: Pwdre Ser
Jun Sherman Scott A Night At Club Ivory
Jun Justin Seynoe The Marin County New Age Society
Jul Casey Riordan The Four Aces
Jul Tony "Skids" Petrocelli Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll IV
Aug Panz-R-One Paranoiafest 2/P 1997
Sep Buck Wilco The Morning After
Sep Brother Maurice Seeker-of-Light Tabula Rasa v2.0
Oct ??? Gail and Dig's Excellent Playtest
Oct ??? Queen of the Hudson
Oct Lt. Krashd FSS Edsel
Oct Todd Enfield The Treaty of Berlin III & IV
Nov 'Norman' The Minimalist LARP
Dec Detective Diewald The Case of the Murderous Mouse
Jan Matthias Peterson Inquiry (several episodes in chronicle)
Mar Con-chair Intercon the Thirteenth!
Mar Rick Barton Buses Welcome: OJ's Revenge
Mar Various Walk-Ons Buses Welcome: Open All Night
Mar Murphy, an 11 year old Priceless
Mar Denton Harris A Night At Club Ivory II
Mar Roger "Bob" Enfield Who Killed the Con-Chair?
Mar BYOG Panel facilitator, Eddie Popular Miskatonic Regional Elementary
May Edward Dexter Dark Summonings
May Memmius Junius Silanius Pax Romana
May Bosco Enchanted Laundromat
Jun Toon-R-FSH Paranoiafest 1/S 1998
Jul Admiral Pierre Marechal R.M.S. Titanic
Aug Archduke Emelric of Beneventia Medieval Fantasy Feast
Oct Captain Jack "Buzz" Jackson Where to Go
Oct Warren (Wanda) Phillips Nepenthe
Oct Antares AURA Live Combat Medieval Fantasy
Oct Heinrich Schlosser Intrigue in the Clouds
Oct Virgil Thorne Balance of Power (several episodes in chronicle)
Nov Papal Inquisitor Marco Savonni Mont St. Michel
Dec Captain Jimmy The Final Voyage of the Beary Celeste
Feb Sherlock Inigo Montoya Holmes Drink Deep
Mar Staff (Outreach, plugs, treasurer, etc.) Intercon XIV
Mar Eddie, the Shipboard Computer The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: B Ark
Mar David Wallace, the cook of the Lady Grace Red Skies
Mar Co-Host Whose LARP Is It, Anyways?
Mar Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe Midsummer Mischief
Mar John Wilkes-Booth Spin Cycle
Apr Johan Lorenzen The Final Voyage of the Marie Celeste
Jul Mr. G Ricardo's Union Saloon
Jul Dr. Tenchi Nakamura/Megalon Stomp, or 'Oh NO! There Goes Tokyo!'
Jul Sharkey Prawn
Jul Brian Shaklee Mariner
Jul Constantine Black Strangers In The House
Jul The Sophisticated Spy FOCUS: The Generic Live Action Role Playing Game
Jul Taylor Du Montier Mont St. Michel
Aug Wyrmfoe(12) Embers: Midwives, Heart Surfacing
Oct Relentless Balance O'Meara, Philidox Cliath Embers: Manifest Destiny
Oct Dr. <something> Masters Timelines
Nov The Mysterious Stranger FOCUS: The Generic Live Action Role Playing Game
Dec Paula Jennings Miskatonic Class Reunion
Dec Damien Judas 'D.J.' Skinner Revelations
Jan Nosmoking Miskatonic Archaeological Expedition
Jan H.P. Lovecraft Miskatonic Class Reunion 2000
Jan Marion 'Suge' Knight Looking Backwards
Feb Bringer of Weaver's Night, Glasswalker Theurge Regio Embers (several episodes in chronicle)
Feb Honor-the-Sabbath Withers Children of the Seed: Founding
Mar Vice-Chair Intercon XV
Mar Co-Host Whose LARP Is It, Anyways? II
Mar Captain Declan Kamins Star Wars: The Phantom Game
Mar Henry Ascot Port Hidalgo
Mar Jacob Downing Guy Fawkes Day
Mar Phillip, A Toreador Crossroads
May Eleazer Learned The Treaty of Stronghold
Jun Mustardseed Shakespeare's Lost Comedy
Jun Co-Author Collision Imminent! I (Intercon 15.5 run)
Aug Gabriel Archangels
Mar Staff Intercon A
Mar Merlin A Medieval Day at the Races
Mar Co-Author Collision Imminent! II (Intercon A run)
Mar Peter Blake City of Flashlights
Mar Kevin Kowaninski The Man In Black
Apr Evzen Kurakin Evening Child (several episodes in chronicle)
May Captain Jonah Arab Bringing It All Back Home: The Bob Dylan LARP
Jul The first son The Italian Renaissance Wine LARP
Jul Co-Author Smart versus the Termite Queen
Sep President William Edmonson The Red Sun Trilogy: Part III
Oct The High Priest Interrogation
Oct Shazam House Meeting
Oct Marshal Thomas-Robert Bugeaud, Commander of L'Armee Nationale To The Barricades
Oct Calico Jack Rackham Swash And Buckle
Oct Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell R.M.S. Empress of Syrtis
Nov Ashley Dupree The Curse of Whately's Mythos
Nov Dr. P. D. Wacker The Kinsey Institute for Sexual Studies
Nov Interstellar Alliance Trade Mediator Gregory Welles Babylon 5: Turning Tides
Feb John Schuyler Moore Drink Deeper
Mar Staff Intercon B
Mar Rocky Ledge Slave Girls of the Terror Dome
Mar Stu Mojave Shut Up and Play Your Guitar
Mar Bemakinda The Cardolani Succession
Mar King Oberon Elfwhere II: Heart's Desire
Mar Max Holbrook The Uncivilized Guest
Mar A Zombie The Con of the Living Dead
Jun Pierre St. Germain/The Specter Torch of Freedom
Jun Co-Author The Temple of the Crimson Moon
Sep Blake Hartford Dark Summonings (3 episodes)
Sep Cast Broadway on the Rocks, With a Twist
Oct Dr. Peter Clavier Null Echo
Oct Salvidore "Big Sal" Uccisione Trapped
Oct Ira Hell to Pay
Oct Pvt. Schulz, Sgt. Roberts, Cpl. Stark, and Han Min Minefield
Oct Phillip, A Toreador Crossroads II - Balance of Power
Oct Balthasar Quinn The Newark Chronicles
Nov Dr. Abraham van Helsing The Curse of Whately's Mausoleum
Nov Co-Author You'll Be Safe Here I
Jan Co-Author Collision Imminent! III (Arisia '03 run)
Feb Bid Committee Chair Intercon C
Feb Martin Cooper House on the Hill
Mar Gene Yeats Carpathian Night
Mar Eeth Koth Future's Hope
Mar Kuno The School for Young Women Specializing in the Arts of Grace and Maidenly Submission
Mar Co-Author You'll Be Safe Here II
Mar Robin Howard Panel: the LARP
Apr Co-Author Collision Imminent! IV (OurCon XII run)
May Blake Hartford Dark Summonings: West Virginia
June Professor Ingrid Vasser Eye of the Storm
June Eddy Little Petshop of Horrors
June Vel Limbo: A Minimalist LARP
June Davis Clark, Co-Author <the unnamed game> (characters to be reappearing in The Squared Circle)
Nov Co-Author Collision Imminent! V (WPI SFS run)
Jan Detective Almond, other NPCs 1948: Signals - New Jersey
Feb ??? - The Pauper Tales of Pendragon
Mar Bid Committee Chair Intercon D
Mar ??? Barad-Wath
Mar ??? Grimm Tales
Mar ??? Csh'taa
Mar ??? Evermore: Faerie Tales from the Dark Side
Mar Pop The League of Extraordinary Breakfast Cereals
May Detective Almond, other NPCs 1948: Signals - Virginia
Jul ??? La Soiree Finale
Jul Co-Author Collision Imminent! VI (Dexcon VII run)
Jul ??? Her Majesty's Parlour Adventurers Present An Evening of Indian Intrigue
Oct Giuseppe Verdi Brassy's Men: A Night at the Royal Italian Opera
Oct ??? Crisis: Apollo
Oct ??? Orgia ad Domus Lomaximus
Nov ??? The Curse of Whately's Monster
Nov ??? 1948: Signals - Ellesmere
Mar Bid Committee Intercon E
Mar ??? Casino Xeno
Mar Horde The Scrying Game
Mar ??? All's Well That Ends
Mar ??? Her Majesty's Parlour Adventurers present The Matter of Britain
Mar ??? Intrigue Beneath the Waves
Mar Co-Author Dustpan: the LARP I (Intercon E run)
Oct ??? A Night at the Dead Fern Bar
Oct ??? Arkham on Five Sanity Points A Day
Oct ??? It's Just a Game
Oct Co-Author Dustpan: the LARP II (Intercon XX run)
Mar Bid Committee Intercon F
Mar Co-Author Across the Sea of Stars I (Intercon F run)
Nov Gimel Tempus Frangit
Nov Mitlon, the Technical Lead Plan Eight From Outer Space
Nov Petty Officer Thomas Tilman Void Stalkers: Preflight
Nov Bhima Mahabarata
Mar Bid Committee Intercon G
Mar J Unhallowed University
Mar Flavius Cominius, High Priest of Mars SPQR
Mar Don Donald Donson Fire on High
Mar Theopholous DuMedd Girl Genius: Agatha Heterodyne and The Perfect Construct
Mar Co-Author Collision Imminent! VII (Intercon G run)
Apr Lewis Deacon Alice
Apr Ra Divus Ex: Convocation
Apr Chris Rubinowitz Kind Friends Together
Jun Lowell Cooper Void Stalkers (Episode 1)
Oct Michael Tengen / The Dragon Project DIANA
Nov The Caliph, King Shahryar Grimmer Tales: Arabian Nights
Nov Black Paw Wolfpack
Nov Joseph "Shadow Jack" Grundy Happily Ever After
Jan Lowell Cooper Void Stalkers (Episode 2)
Feb Bid Committee Intercon H
Feb Virgil Keyes Desperadoes Under the Eaves
Mar Rev Elijah Stott Railways and Respectability
Mar Edward Barton-Wright Survivors of the Naronic
Mar Samuel Watson Salem is Burning
Mar Tom Graves Purging Purgatory
Apr Tamas Valappil The Last Seder
Apr Chief Marchinetti Marlowe 2020
Apr Sebastian Kue Also Sprach Übermensch
Jun Lowell Cooper Void Stalkers (Episode 3)
Jul Doug The Island
Sep Oliver Warbucks Lullaby of Broadway I
Mar Bid Committee Intercon I
Mar Spock Story Wars: Episode Six - Return of the Princess Bride
Mar Co-Author Across the Sea of Stars II (Intercon I run)
Mar Snorri Sturluson Time Travel Review Board
Oct Coalhouse Walker Jr. Lullaby of Broadway II
Feb Dr. William Gilbert 'W.G.' Grace 1897 - Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
Mar Bid Committee Intercon J
Mar Gangazara, the Vizier's Son Grimmer Tales: Jungle Book
Mar Co-Author Collision Imminent! VIII (Intercon J run)
Mar Nick Charles Murder By Death
Mar Edward Barton-Wright Ghosts of Urquhart
Apr Virgil "The Ferryman" Cole Redemption
Apr Devonshire Robertson Two Hours in London
Oct Arthur, King of the Britons Lullaby of Broadway III
Oct Dr. Edward "Ted" Wilson The Curse of Whately's Moonbase
Feb Amnesiac crew member Sky No Longer Blue
Mar Bid Committee Intercon K
Mar George Jones The Clockwork Café
Mar Co-Author Dustpan: the LARP III (Intercon K run)
Mar Solar Eclipse Galaxy Comics Presents: Identity Crisis
Mar Bernie Arbalest Life at the Securemarket
Mar Chief O'Hara The Other Other* All-Batman Game
Mar Lutin d'Aubergine Operation: Atlantis
Apr Author Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll (25th anniversary run)
Jul Amnesiac Official Resonance
Jul Ben Cox Stars over Atlantis
Sep Jack Reunions
Sep Rufio Leonidas Oz
Sep Antoine House of the Rising Sun
Sep Monk aka Lt. Col. Andrew Blodgett Mayfair (ret) Shadow over Shanghai
Sep Albert Otmar L'Enfer C'est les Autres
Sep Gunter 31 Forgotten Flavors
Sep Various roles The Road Not Taken
Sep Hamlet Virtual Bard
Sep Ivan Barbalić IT IS NEAR PLUTO
Oct Mayor Lawrence Murphy Tombstone
Oct Greg Orkin Serendipity Station (Episode 5)
Oct Armand d'Orléans A Dance of Flame and Shadow
Nov Andreas Friedrich The Curse of Whately's Mayans
Nov Professor William James Hall Secrets of the Necronomicon
Nov Jack, the Founder Lux
Dec Kateb, the Scribe Stars of Al-Ashtara
Dec Emmett Lynch Murder at the Fourth Leaf
Jan Michelangelo Buonarotti Venezia
Mar Bid Committee Intercon L
Mar Tinker Romulus Unhallowed Metropolis: Parliament of Ghouls
Mar Alarac Zeton The Madrian Secret
Mar Ben Lassell The Linfarn Run
Mar Wanchese: King of the Powhatan tribes Roanoke
Mar Shipwreck G.I. Joe: The Minotaur's Labyrinth
Apr The Biology professor Days End
Apr Jimmy "Foo-Foo" McAllister The Free Animals' Republic of MacDonald Presents the Trial of the Big Bad Wolf, to Be Immediately Followed By His Execution, In Honor of Our First Anniversary
Apr Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton High Tea
Apr General Raphael Andreasson Folding the River
Apr Neil Sibrian Yo Dog, I heard you like LARPs
May Red Part of Her Design
Jul Co-Author The Barbecue (NELCO run)
Jul ??? A Garden of Forking Paths
Aug Co-Author Across the Sea of Stars III (Brandeis/Dia de los Sobres II run)
Sep ??? Happy Birthday Cthulhu
Nov Heshannus A Crown of Hearts
Nov Co-Author Collision Imminent! X (SLAW 2012 run)
Nov Steven Sanders, Mayor of Bismarck, North Dakota The Passage
Jan Rupert Giles To Be Continued (Episode 1)
Mar Bid Committee Intercon M
Mar Casey LARPers Anonymous
Mar Co-Author Collision Imminent! XII (Intercon M run)
Mar Hugh Sheppard A Turn on the Radiance Rose
Mar Ben Orban The Koenig Dead
Mar Marc Antony Happily Ever After?
Apr Brian Haven
Apr Mal Star-crossed
Apr Jamie McKinnon Mirror / The Other Side of the Glass
Jun Rupert Giles To Be Continued (Episode 2)
Jul Henry Avery Devil to Pay
Jul Derek Sloane The Prince Comes of Age
Aug Co-Author The Night Queen Princess Fluffykins Passed I (NELCO run)
Nov Co-Author The Tales of Irnh 1 (Playtest run)
Nov Co-Author The Night Queen Princess Fluffykins Passed II (SLAW run)
Nov Kelim-Het Scheherazade
Nov Captain John Commodus Church The Deliverance
Nov Hugo Weasley James Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts
Nov Matthew Wyatt All's Well That Ends
Nov Lord Harcourt Horn Space Shuttle Diplomacy
Nov A random, terrible character Come Die With Me
Nov Horde Dr. Nefarious and the Paradise Project
Dec Co-Author The Tales of Irnh 2 (TNT run)
Feb Rupert Giles To Be Continued (Episode 4)
Feb Bid Committee Intercon N
Feb Phil Clarke Hello, You Must Be...
Feb Assistant (Quest) GM A Crown of Hearts
Mar Co-Author The Night Queen Princess Fluffykins Passed III (Intercon N run)
Mar Co-Author The Tales of Irnh 3-6 (Intercon N runs)
Mar Eric Young Cultists In Love: The Stars Are Right -- For ROMANCE!
Mar Captain Yuri Popov K300: Nyet SOS!
Apr James Otis Jr. Mayfair in the Colonies
Apr Co-Author The Tales of Irnh 7-10 (Fiestaval runs)
Apr Reuben Pantier Epitaphs
Jul Co-Author This Time For Sure: Boris Badenov's Gulag for Unrepentant Children I (NELCO run)
Nov Bob: the LARP Organizer The Great After-Party
Nov Charlie 4
Nov Cooper Richards Antarctica Station 13
Nov GM Hello, You Must Be... (Heroic Consequences runs)
Nov Co-Author The Tales of Irnh 13-14 (Heroic Consequences runs)
Nov Captain Alix Orban The Kouros Intercept
Feb Bid Committee Intercon O
Feb Helmsman Woolf Barnett Shadow Over Mars
Feb Captain Rafe Garcia Critical Path
Feb GM Hello, You Must Be... (Intercon O runs)
Feb Co-Author Across the Sea of Stars IV (Intercon O run)
Mar Horde Her Eternal Majesty's Privy Council for the Continual Funding of the Mad Arts & Sciences
Apr GM Hello, You Must Be... (Festival of LARPs X run)
Apr Co-Author The Tales of Irnh 17-19 (Festival of LARPs X runs)
Apr Inquisitive/Skeptical aspects of Shannon O'Malley Spring River
May Co-Author The Tales of Irnh 20-21 (Day of Tales runs)
May Stompy Compost Tales
July Aleister Crowley Prestidigitation
Aug Co-Author A Second Chance for Wings 1-2 (NELCO 2015 runs)
Sep Calla the inversion of me and my room
Oct Lord John Roxton The Curse of Whately's Mysterious Island
Oct Co-Author The Tales of Irnh 22 (Chicago road trip run)
Nov C. Zontar, Professor of Alchemy College of Wizardry 4 (Czocha Castle, Poland)
Nov Bid Committee Imaginary Consequences
Nov Py Small World
Nov Teddy Love Letter
Nov GM Hello, You Must Be... (Imaginary Consequences runs)
Nov Captain Alix Orban The Constanta Blockade
Nov Walter Marshall Burning Orchid
Nov Guildford "Goldie" Locks Goldilocks, Frocks, and Two Stinking Barrels
Feb Bid Committee Intercon P
Feb Dan Cast Party
Feb GM Hello, You Must Be... (Intercon P runs)
Feb Co-Author Collision Imminent! Cruise XIII (Intercon P run)
Feb Brennan House of Becoming
Feb Co-Author Dustpan: the LARP IV (Intercon P run)
Feb Edgar Eakins Drink Me
Mar John Tartaglione Ex Ignorantia
Apr Dr. Basil Ganglia The Love Craft
Apr The Detective The Bell
Apr Author Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll (30th anniversary run)
Apr Gerald Fitzroy Woodplum House
May Panelist (2 panels), Presenter Living Games Conference 2016
May Emilio Álvarez Montalván Sign
July Bartholomew "Bertie" Coakley, Professor of Alchemy New World Magischola 3 (University of Richmond, Virginia)
Aug Co-Author Adrift on the Starry Sky (NELCO 2016 run)
Sep Co-Author, Alexandria Adrift on the Starry Sky 3 (Nashua run)
Oct Philip Marlowe Café Casablanca
Nov Bid Committee Judicious Consequences
Nov Various Roles Playtest of some Across the Universe materials
Nov Colonel Harry Orchard M*A*S*H: Brothers in Arms
Nov Erik Bjornsson Saga of the Lost
Nov Expedition Leader Omega Expedition
Nov Cyprian Queen of Denial
Nov Mr. Barraclough Will That Be All?
Feb Bid Committee Intercon Q
Feb Sextem Exeunt
Feb GM Will That Be All? (Intercon Q run)
Feb TNT Point of Contact, Co-Author This Time For Sure: Boris Badenov's Gulag for Unrepentant Children (Intercon Q runs)
Feb Co-Author, Alexandria Adrift on the Starry Sky 5 (Intercon Q run)
Feb Dr. Sasha King Ex Nihilo
Feb Co-GM, with Sue L. Burning Orchid (Intercon Q run)
Feb Xan Jiness Venting Day
Feb Player C, in various roles Tales From the Cradle
Apr Doctor Lamb AURs: Alternate Universe Refugees
Apr Scuffle Scale
Apr Sir Lancelot du Lac, Knight of the Round Table Kingsword
Apr Ray Gillette Danger Zone: Crossing the Streams
July Bartholomew "Bertie" MacKehilly, Professor of Alchemy New World Magischola 5 (University of William and Mary, Virginia)
July Kilvin All Stories Are True
July Co-Author The Tales of Irnh 27 (Summer LARPin' run)
Nov Bid Committee K Consequences
Feb Bid Committee Intercon R
Feb Bartholomew "Bertie" Coakley, Professor of Alchemy A Wolf By Any Other Name
Feb Moses Diamond Geezers
Feb Lloyd 'Lefty' DiMaggio Volcano's Edge
Feb Jela Olokwe Whispers
Feb Alix Orban The Markov Solution
Feb Co-Author A Night At Club Ivory III (Intercon R run)
Feb Co-Author Adrift on the Starry Sky (Intercon R run)
Apr Dean Martin Thicker Than Water
Apr Jack Pickens Ballad of Jess-Belle
Apr Tim Smith Vanishing Point 1
June Bartholomew "Bertie" Coakley, Professor of Alchemy New World Magischola 9 (Mount Holyoke, Massachusetts)
Jul Bob the Beholder Dungeon Owners Association
Jul Co-Author Adrift on the Starry Sky (Summer LARPin' run)
Aug Ernest Starr Blackwell
Nov Henry Tunstall Once Upon a Time in Tombstone
Jan Co-Author Iron GM Writing Session, producing Level Up
Feb Proposal Committee Intercon S
Feb Co-Author Adrift on the Starry Sky (Intercon S runs)
Feb Stephen Thompson, Raul Bhatt, Left-Leaning Media (MSNBC) Public Memory: When History Isn't Universal
Feb Pat Grandma’s Resting Place
Feb Terry Better Living Through Robotics
Feb Colonel (retired) Mátyás Varga Shadows Over Falkonia
Feb Renn Etrova Ars Longa
Feb Co-Author Level Up (Iron GM entrant, Intercon S run)
Feb President George Washington The Room Where It Happens
Mar Ensign Sui One For All
Mar Sir Bedivere The Trial of Lancelot
Mar Mentis Into the Silent Sea
Mar Admiral R. Van Ornsted But Thinking Makes It So
Apr Theo The Leonids
Apr Co-Author Level Up (2 Festival 2019 runs)
Apr Brother Jonathan, of the Quasiveritable One Flew Over the Cloud-Cuckoo's Nest
Apr Co-Author The Night Queen Princess Fluffykins Passed (Festival 2019 run)
Apr Tony Stephens Spellbound!
Jul Deucalion Feast of the Minotaur
Jul Co-Author Level Up (Summer LARPin' 2019 run)
Aug Co-Author Across the Sea of Stars V (RPI 2019 run)
Nov Mul Dornak Tabula Rasa
Feb Feline/Panther/Lynx So It Seems a Solstice
Feb Vizier Zubair The Stars of Al-Ashtara
Feb Atlas Nova The Will of the Kingdom
Feb Annas of Malacor, the Crow Knight Inheritance
Feb Co-Author The Tales of Irnh 28, 29 (Dice Bubble 2020 runs)
Feb Staff Volunteer Intercon T
Feb Professor Ian Rutherford, Natural Sciences The Drinklings
Feb John Clancey Lift Off
Feb "Firefighter" Unheroes
Feb Eugene Thompson What I Did On My Summer Vacation
Feb Kanak Dorking Fading Lights
Feb General Mátyás Varga Memories of Falkonia
Feb Hero First Class Loremarker Heroes of Dunshire
Mar Victor Lazlo A Dream is Just a Dream
Jul Celestine Mangata The Space Between Us (run from Germany)
Jul Casey Storn, the Paleontologist LORE: Live Online Raptor Experience
Jul F. Astin A Squadron Story
Jul George Russell Debrief
Jul Rooney, navigator of the When Push Comes to Shove Space Date (run from Australia)
Aug Silvi* (they/them) Four Lovers
Sep Abbie Rosen The Karma Club
Sep Co-author Tales of the Future Volume 1 (Wilmark Dynasty LARP-a-Thon run)
Sep Jack Briarwood Alice is Missing
Sep Xa Ghosts
Oct Glenn da Lamia Storm Cellar
Oct Co-author Tales of the Future Volume 1 ("Chris Asks Nicely" run)
Oct Dr. Norton The Judgement of Solomon (run from England)
Oct FREDDIE aka Frequently Reincarnating Electronic Deceased Dialogue Interface Equipment The Gig at the End of the Universe (run from England)
Oct Captain Aral Vorkosigan Waiting (run from England)
Oct Franklin Smith, Architect Set Sail For Disaster
Oct Phoenix C Animus 2 (run from Italy)
Nov Wyre, of a Mysterious Realm A Year and a Day
Nov Co-author Tales of the Future Volume 1 (Kristen Yard LARPing [indoors] run)
Nov Karl Fischer/Carl Fisher Winning the Peace (run from England)
Nov Armand Lenoir Curse of the Pharaoh (run from England)
Nov Co-author Tales of the Future Volume 1 (Notorious Consequences run, with UK and US players)
Dec Co-author Tales of the Future Volume 1 (Greater Boston LARP Society run)
Dec Captain Jean Nimoy Gleam
Dec Co-author Tales of the Future Volume 1 (Virtual Space Bubble Run)
Dec Sage Hero Time!
Dec Ångstrom, a Fortunae (AI) The Fortunate Ones
Feb Seq Imprint
Feb Co-author Tales of the Future Volume 1 (Extracon 2021 Run)
Feb Matthew Brandt The Bloom of May
Mar Scientist Pat Holmes TMF Hope
Mar Co-author Tales of the Future Volume 2 (Playtest)
Apr Co-author Tales of the Future Volume 1 (LRS Run)
Apr Charlie Lee Little Saucer on the Prairie
Apr Echo Blake (Cop) Rebel Propagation
May Co-author The Journey of a Single Step Made Quadrillions of Times (Playtest)
May Co-author Culture Crash (Peaky UK playtest, with UK and US players)
May Co-author Quest for Knowledge (Peaky Midwest playtest)
May Roger Windham Prisoners of Memory
May Saint Margaret of Antioch The Passion of Joan
Jun Bechtel "Beck" Zahradnik A Ship By Any Other Name
Jun G, aka Gray Conscientia
Jun Co-author Tales of the Future Volume 1 (Summer LARPin' 2021 Run)
Jun Captain Hshili Arganon Contact
Jun Javier, the Cheese Maker Club Samsara