The Writing of the Vortex of Chaos

I don't just write LARPs. I also write about LARP. There's also unsold fiction hanging around. I also write technical articles on occasion.

About LARP

Writing a Murder Mystery article, The Book of LARP: Live Action Role Playing, Mike Young, Interactivities Ink (2003), ISBN 978-0970835680. (Out of print)

Science Fiction

Blasphemy, 1998, unpublished.

Really Really Really Big, 1998, unpublished.

The Slowest Spacecraft, 1998, unpublished.

There's more on the computer...

Technical Topics

Securing the U.S. Transportation Command, Jeffrey M. Diewald, Kajal T. Claypool, Jesslyn D. Alekseyev, George K. Baah, Uri Blumenthal, Alfred Cilcius, William L. Pughe, Joseph A. Cooley, Robert K. Cunningham, Jonathan R. Glennie, Edward F. Griffin, and Patrick J. Pawlak, MIT Lincoln Laboratory Journal, Cybersecurity issue, Volume 22, Number 1, 2016. ISSN 0896-4130.