J Squared Productions

Jordan has always read everything I've written, including many of my LARPs.

It started with The Tales of Irnh. Jordan and I would go out to run the usual errands for home. I'd have ideas as were were driving around, so I asked him to take notes. That way, I'd have these ideas intact when I couldn't remember them later. He started asking questions. Lots of questions. Easy at first, but then they became challenging, perplexing, always very insightful, and often inspirational.

I started asking questions back, and he had suggestions. His questions grew into story ideas and plots. Our errands evolved into a series of very interactive and heady design discussions, tapped out on the iPad. We'd come home from those trips and I'd just start working with the latest notes. He is very much the co-creator of several LARPs now.

Even when I take the ideas and turn them into words, they still have to go past Jordan. He usually spots the glaring thing I missed that Must Be Fixed before someone else sees it. He's done this with other authors we've collaborated with. He makes these LARPs even better by this.

Jordan helped with the updates we made for the fifth run of Across the Sea of Stars. He helped enough that I convinced him to come AGM with us. It was a challenge for him, but he succeeded. We've now run Tales of the Future Volume 1 together, which helps as we make the corrections and changes that make the LARP better for later runs.

Together, J2 has created or collaborated on:

There's more to come...