LARPs in New England

There is a very large, very active LARP community in Massachusetts, that extends throughout New England (and beyond). This community of communities run both live combat and theater style LARPs.

There are really good games in each style. A lot of my friends do both.

The best example of the diversity of LARPing in New England is the schedule for Intercon.[1], run by New England Interactive Literature (NEIL). Intercon V, in 2024, is our 25th annual all-LARP convention — and it's a wonderful example of what an all-LARP convention can be. Even though the majority of the games on the schedule show the diversity of theater-style games, you’ll note that there are also live combat games across the four days of the convention.

There’s also an active Intercon Discord server.

Outside of Intercon, there are a number of regular smaller events:

All of these events are great places to network and find the kind of LARPs that interest you, regardless of the style that you’re looking for. You may even find something different that you love, that you never expected to try.[7]

Great LARPs are all over New England![8]

Notes and Disclaimers

[1]: As of 2023, I've run LARPs at 19 out of 24 of the New England Intercons. I've attended every one. I was the con-chair for the first one, and have been actively involved, officially or unofficially, in all the rest.

[2]: I frequently run events at Summer LARPin'. I always try to attend.

[3]: I frequently run events at the Bubbles. I always try to attend.

[4]: I do NOT do Facebrick. I learned too much about its evil when I was doing cybersecurity research at MIT. Their goal is to extract as much information about you as possible, especially the details you'd rather keep private. I will not post any links to them, and I personally block any attempts that try to reach out to Meta's servers.

[5]: I've run several events for the GBLS, and attend the ones that I haven't already played at other events. They also run occasional LARP days, typically with three events.

[6]: I've been known to run events out of my home, in person and virtually.

[7]: I love trying new styles and genres, because I've had some amazing experiences in unexpected places. I also learn a lot about role-playing and LARP design, which is why I always encourage everyone, especially LARP writers, to try a diverse selection of LARPs.

[8]: And in a lot of other places, too! I frequently travel far to run and play LARPs, including internationally. This is why I really want to hear about the amazing LARP experiences in your region.