LARPs I've run that were written by others

I am fortunate in that I've gotten to play in some wonderful LARPs created by some brilliant and clever authors. I am more fortunate that these people have given me their permission to run their LARPs for people I know. I've run the following games:

Burning Orchid

Game Provenance
Author Ben Allen, Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Heidi Kaye and Alison Rider Hill
More Details See the Peaky site for more information. This is the game I've run.
Where I Played It Consequences I, November 2015
Where I've Run It Intercon Q (with Sue L.)
Size/Duration 10 players, 3 hours

Set in 1932 at the party celebrating the wrap of location filming for a Hollywood movie. Burning Orchid is an immense blockbuster, detailing the passionate heart of a claustrophobic forbidden love story set in the jungle villages of Guatemala against a background of a country riven by political turmoil. And that’s not just the movie! Glamorous cast, intense emotions, a steamy situation, secrets past and present – who knows what might happen, but fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night.

Burning Orchid is an intensely character-focused, traditional 3-hour British Freeform with adult themes.

There are more details about the game.

Hello, You Must Be...

Game Provenance
Author Brian Williams
More Details There is no external site or information about this game.
Where I Played It Private Run, February 2014
Where I've Run It Consequences H, Intercon O, Festival of LARPs X, Consequences I, Intercon P
Size/Duration 8 players, 4 hours

Hello, You Must Be... is an eight-player game where the players are cast in pairs. It's character-driven, intense, funny and touches on diverse subjects such as suicide, identity, friendship and the moral consequences of choices. It asks questions about good vs evil, order vs chaos, security vs freedom.

Inspired by many sources, including the original Dr. Who, the game appeals to Dr. Who fans just as equally to those who have never watched an episode of Dr. Who in their lives. The full game background is included in your character sheet and no prior knowledge is required or assumed.

We can't tell you any more about the game itself without spoiling it. All you need to know is that you're going to a party and you're going to have loads of fun.

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Will That Be All?

Game Provenance
Author Graham Walmsley
More Details See Drive Thru RPG. I am running an expanded version of that game ‐ the version of the game I played.
Where I Played It Consequences J, November 2016
Where I've Run It Intercon Q
Size/Duration 8-16 players, 4 hours

In the last years of a British country house, the servants gather for dinner. We meet them three times, in 1928, 1931 and 1935, as their feelings for each other grow and change.

Will That Be All? is a game about love and relationships between servants, set against the backdrop of gathering war. It starts in the affluent 1920s and ends with the threat of war in the 1930s. We play in three acts, each lasting about an hour, in which you'll try to find romance.

This is an emotional and bittersweet game. Come prepared to have your heart filled with love or broken.

There are more details about the game.